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Olive Tree


hey cutie, I heard you were thinking about

and becoming a consultant with olive tree people.

The Waterless Movement blowing up the US market
  • We are less than a year in as a company in the USA with a 19 year tenure of proven success in Germany and a 84% retention rate.

  • Due to our companies existing success, we have the rare opportunity to invest in the company as Shareholders and not only independent contractors as well as a plethora of resources to help you learn, grow and find success. 


  • We have an elevated brand with nearly 100 products and a very unique stance on beauty. A clear mission on bio active olive leaf elixir instead of water, consumer transparency, and sustainability.

  • All products are sourced, made and regulated in the EU which we know currently has MUCH stricter guidelines than we do here in the US.

  • We are the fastest growing Waterless Beauty Brand in the US. Read more here.

  • We have insane unpaid celebrity endorsements (like Gigi Hadid) attesting to our products safety, efficacy and performance, and our products perform better than any skincare product I’ve ever used (and I’ve heard that from everyone).


  • This is an elevated network marketing company that is attracting a unique customer/consultant base that may have never considered working in this industry before. There are NO monthly fees, NO sales minimums, No recruiting or purchase requirements. You meet the business where YOU are. You make 25-35% on your own personal sales (35% starting at 3000 psi) and tools like "placement" are available at any level to foster a true collaborative environment. 


  • Medical Estheticians, Spa Owners, Health & Wellness Gurus, Medical Professionals as well as professionals in the health and wellness space are choosing to partner with this brand because of it’s integrity and performance amongst their patients.


  • We have an umbrella of brands that are constantly expanding into emerging markets like waterless beauty, hydroxytyrosol in skincare, coffee replacements, internals, frequency & cellular healing, gut health as well as the hemp and collagen industries.


  • But the HEART of our movement is water replaced with the incredible olive leaf elixir and you will find that in every single one of our products which sets them apart from any skincare and any supplement.


  • It’s a blessing to be here right now. We have something so cool to tell everyone about and in four years our brand is going to be known across the country.


  • Timing is everything and it is a blessing to be here right now. Today we get to be the person introducing it to our networks. We have something incredibly special to tell everyone about and in a few short years our brand will be well known across the US as well as Canada.

deeply rooted, always evolving

"This story tells of love, courage and passion. From the love for nature and

the courage to recognize one‘s own needs and to follow them, and of the passion

that is required to never ever give up what you believe in. Only then, can a

balance between body and soul in harmony with nature be attained."


So, Why Waterless?

The Pioneer in Waterless Beauty. OLIVEDA bases its Products not on 95% on water, dead fillers, and synthetic preservatives, but on bioactive ingredients & olive leaf elixir  (Hydroxytyrosol).

worried about how you will share?

Here is a sneak peak into one of the many resources that will be provided to you...

a telegram channel full of unique graphics, professional product photography and videos

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 9.41.17 PM.png

'Grow Your Grove' is a collaborative & unmatched community full of resources and trainings from the best of the best in this industry along with incentives, challenges,
and more.

When you become a part of this team you will gain access to our team page along with anyone that joins your grove.  

We are creating legacies around the Olive Trees...Grow Your Grove with Us.

Sustainable financial growth and a rare opportunity to be a shareholder with the potential to create a real legacy.

Embark on a new lifestyle that is cleaner and addressing the root cause to inflammation in the body - working towards total cellular health rejuvenation and longevity that you can share with your family and others you care about.

Become a part of a THRIVING, collaborative, uplifting and supportive community with one of a kind resources and the best of the

best in this industry.


this page is run by an independent oliveda consultant

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