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When you are approaching a spa, it is essential that you are prepared. Some of these spa owners have been in this space for 10+ years, and they need to know WHY Olive Tree People is different, and WHY they should incorporate these products into their spa.

  1. BRING PRODUCTS - here are the products that Alex Cockcroft, owner of Spa Casa recommends because they have been total game changers for her clients: olive core face peeling, oil cleanser (corrective or arbequina), honey enzyme mask (all the masks but this one is her favorite), cell active serum, corrective face serum, vegan hyaluronic acid, green retinol elixir

  2. 3 PAGER ABOUT OTP - I worked with Alex and Mdina Culvr to put something a little more concise than the pitch deck to leave that includes quotes from Alex, Olivia (our in house esthi), and Medina (DO) as well as some statistics and market projections. Access it here:

  3. BEFORE AND AFTER TELEGRAM - show them the results


From Steffanie Entralgo: "Something to note for spa owners, too: they do not make the bulk of their profit from retail/product but rather services.

SO! do not discount the INTERNALS and the potential profit that can have for them! pay for a service each month and tack on an internal on their way out. every month.

These are unique and something that all esties know is important (internal hyaluronic and collagen!)… plus the added perk of repeat customers to help enhance their treatments."



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