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First Step As a Consultant


You are the founding organization at Olive Tree People, and this organization is growing like WILDFIRE.

Setting up your email notifications is the first step you should take when kicking off your Olive Tree People Business. If you have not done this yet make sure you do it right now. It is a great way to track orders, olive brain quiz results for potential customers, and new consultants who have joined your team so you can give them the best customer service. You are their waterless beauty concierge.

Our growth over that few days have been REMARKABLE… so remarkable we broke the website for an hour Friday and an hour last night due to site traffic. As the tech team preparing for our next growth spurt I want to make sure we are equipped as the field to help aid our corporate team who is working around the clock to improve and perfect systems for us.

We are the ones paving the way and we want to be great stewards of this amazing opportunity.Look at what is happening all around us, insane. While we dont anticipate errors we know that very occasionally they happen and we want to make sure every consultant is equipped with what they need to monitor their individual businesses.

  1. Make sure your email notifications are on.

  2. If they are on go through your email order confirmations and enrollments and make sure each one is reflecting in your back office.

  3. Always do this.

This is a tedious step but as they are constantly revamping our tech to handle our growth it is essential that we lend our hand in perfecting it.

If you ever find any errors send them to:



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