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Warm Market Capture

GROW YOUR GROVE by adding to your team


A few thoughts on where we are at as a company . . .

  • We are 6 months in as a company in the USA with a 19 year tenure of proven success in Germany along with an 84% retention rate

  • Our organization is growing rapidly as wel as seeing immense growth - 1910% growth in new customers since july, 565% growth in new consultants since july, 925% growth in organizational volume since july

  • We have an elevated brand with nearly 100 products and a very unique stance on beauty. A clear mission on bio active olive leaf elixir instead of water, consumer transparency, and sustainability. We have insane celebrity endorsements, including the GOAL Gigi Hadid, and our products perform better than any skincare product I’ve ever used (and I’ve heard that from everyone).

  • This is a network marketing company but it is elevated and attracts a unique customer base that may have never considered working in this industry before.

  • We have an umbrella of brands that are constantly expanded into emerging markets like waterless beauty, hydroxytyrosol in skincare, frequency, coffee replacements, and infusing small batch hemp.

  • But the HEART of our movement is water replaced with the incredible olive leaf elixir and you will find that in every single one of our products which sets them apart from any skincare and any supplement.

  • It’s a blessing to be here right now. We have something so cool to tell everyone about and in four years our brand is going to be known across the country.

  • Today we get to be the person introducing it to our networks. The opportunity we have is so freaking lucrative. We need to be shouting it from the rooftops because the women who join today have an insane opportunity.



Who is your warm market? your followers on social media, people you already interact with, people that you have some sort of relationship with or connection to.


If you are not talking about the business opportunity, your prospects will not know that this is available to them. Remember, you are not DOING this to someone, this opportunity can change someone’s life the EXACT SAME WAY IT CHANGED YOURS. And, if you can sell our incredible products, you can sell this incredible business opportunity.


Do not downplay this extremely unique and lucrative opportunity that we have here. WE ARE ONLY 8 months in, and rapidly growing. In 3-4 months, there is going to be even more colossal interest in this company and this brand. We are going to continue to trend up and this organization will continue to explode. THE TOP LEADERS IN THIS COMPANY WILL COME FROM RIGHT HERE.


There are so many aspects to this business that provide growth, opportunity, innovation and let me remind you that this company has 19 years of product develpment, innovation and experience in Europe. Even though its brand new in the US ,we are backed my so much brand recognition that makes us extremely reputable and people are going crazy over this. YOU ARE THE FIRST HERE.


We are here at such an exciting time, and we will continue to see product launches, incentive trips, celebrations, leadership summits and more. SPAIN, KEY WEST, STAR SUMMIT, JUNE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, AND MORE. OUR COMMUNITY IS EXPLODING AND WE ARE SHAPING THIS COMMUNITY FOR COLLABORATION AND INFINITE GROWTH.



1. Make Your Announcement post or Host a Launch Glow Workshop - this is going to plant your first seed, set the scene and tell a story. It is going to build trust and a connection with potential recruits as well as potential customers. Like I said above, if people do not know that you are doing this, that you have partnered with this brand, they cannot support you and they cannot join your team!

This lets your warm market know you are doing something new - your WHY you decided to partner with the brand and a little bit about what makes Oliveda different. Here are some example sharing points, but share what resonated with you:

+ waterless beauty

+ hydroxytyrosol (a high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound)

+ ground floor US launch

+ celeb endorsements

+ water wells in Africa

+ shareholder program

+ frequencies

+ power of the olive leaf & polyphenols

+ partnerships with aestheticians, spa owners & medical professionals

You can absolutely do this before you get your products. If you are planning on working this in person, completely separate from social media, plan a launch event! This can be a small, intimate event at your house, or you can partner with a small business owner that you know. Make time to TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH PEOPLE, about how cool this is, and if you are someone who already has clients that trust you, talk to them, that trust is already there.

You can also "re-announce" your business and continue to share you why posting on socials! Personally I re-launch my business every couple of month to introduce it to new followers, new connections, etc.

"pro-tip:" instagram prioritizes carousel posts, so using 3 pictures instead of one will boost you in the algorithm. Find example announcement posts under onboarding guide


2. Talk about the business opportunity on social media - you never know who needs this opportunity or who is watching, someone that you may not immediately think to reach out to initially could be watching you on socials! There are tons of graphics in the telegram app that touch on consultant benefits! If you are not in the telegram apps, you can access it here:

People to follow that do a good job about talking about the business opportunity/product info on instagram (just to name a few - shout someone out in the comments if they have good business building content on socials):


3. 1:1 reach outs - these are going to be your most powerful recruiting tool! Ask good questions & open ended questions. Remember this is about them, what this business can offer them, not you - you aren’t doing this to someone, you’re sharing this opportunity because it can be life changing for someone.

Use voice memos and put a little text about what you are saying below. You can really convey your excitement and authenticity in a voice memo and it will be appreciated. Think about WHY they would be a good fit.

When you are sharing the business opportunity, share with confidence and present yourself as the expert. Your energy matters, your confidence matters, your belief system matters - if you don’t believe in yourself, why would someone trust you?

You are going to get some yes’s, some no’s and some not right nows, and those are all A OKAY!

You cannot want this for others, even if you know this could be an incredible opportunity for them with immense success, THEY have to see the value, THEY have to FEEL it. We know that this opportunity holds great value great value. It’s why we share this brand with so much pride and enthusiasm. There is truly nothing like it, from the innovative products, to the business opportunity to the amount of care and trust the brand and the people behind it represent.

If you do get a “no”, or “not right now,” and someone seems on the fence, address what they are worried about it indirectly on social media. For example, if someone says they want to, but they just aren’t sure they have the time. Talk about how you do this while you are waiting for the kids in the carline and working this into pockets of time you have during the day!

Remember, we are in the business of serving. How are you serving your prospects? How are you adding value to their life? Have you made deposits (see Christan Cooper Vogelmeier's cold market capture)


Here are some example reach outs, voice memo - take inspo from these, but make them your own:

Hey Karlee! So, I’ve partnered with this super cool brand called Oliveda and when I was thinking about people who would vibe with the brand, I thought of you! The opportunity just kind of fell into my lap, and it’s an insane & unique earning opportunity. The company is 20 years old in Germany has adorable upscale shops and endorsements like GiGi Hadid…. Insane. The company just launched into the USA as direct sales like 200ish days ago…… it’s going to blow up. Would you want to listen in on an opportunity call tonight?


Hey mama! The most amazing opportunity just fell into my lap with an incredible beauty brand based out of Germany… They just dropped in the USA 200ish days ago as a network marketing company which is wild bc they’ve been direct to consumer through these gorgeous stores all over Germany for the last 20 years… they have bananas celebrity endorsements like Gigi Hadid and Madonna have been in vogue and glamor…. It’s just a crazy income earning opportunity let me know if I can share more!!! Would you want to jump on this opportunity call tonight that the founder will be on?


Hey (name), I just partnered with this dope waterless beauty brand called Oliveda, and it just launched into the US 200ish days ago as a network marketing company. It’s been a beloved and successful brand in Germany for over 20+ years with really big brand endorsements from Gigi Hadid, Madonna, Vogue , glamour, and it’s just a really cool earning opportunity. I would seriously love to do this with you. You are already (something specific to them), so I know you would blow this out of the water. If you are interested at all, I can send you a zoom link to the opportunity call tonight - do you have time to listen in?


Hey Lainie! Are you open to working with new brands? I just partnered with this really cool holistic brand out of Europe that Gigi Hadid used throughout her entire pregnancy and would love to work with you. Do you want to hear more about it?


Hey, I see that you are currently already an affiliate partner with (dime beauty or whatever company they are an affiliate with), and I see that water is the first ingredient in a lot of their products. Id love to chat with you a little bit about what waterless beauty is and share a little bit more. Would you be interested in learning about that?

Follow up: I know you probably make a 15-20% with dime, but you can make a 25-35% commission with Oliveda if you really love the products.


5. Use the third party recruiting resources


OUR COMMUNITY: team Facebook group and resources




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